How Local SEO Helps Grow Your Business

How Local SEO Helps Grow Your Business

Whether you are into plumbing, beauty, construction, accounting, or any other location-based industry, investing in local SEO can help grow your business and increase sales. Most customers are hitting the internet first when looking for a service or product they want to purchase.

Besides, search engines are customizing search results to fit the searcher’s geo-location. This means, if a searcher queries about a service or product, Google brings results showing providers ranked by their relevance and closeness to the searcher’s location.

In this case, a business can use the opportunity to create awareness of its brand within its area of operation. Thankfully, there are various options for one can do this, especially using local SEO marketing. If targeted properly, local SEO marketing can help bring relevant traffic, nurture customer relationships and increase sales conversions. Here are some of the tips you can use in your local SEO marketing to grow your business.

Create a Local Citation

This involves listing your business details on an external website such as an online directory. When local customers find your business listed on Yelp, Yahoo, or Bing, they embrace it as a credible provider. The more directories your business details appear the better. Always make sure your information is consistent and formatted uniformly in all directories.

Important information to include in this kind of listing includes business name, phone number, physical address and a link to your website. If you don’t have all, make sure to include at least the name, address, and telephone. All you are doing is to show Google, or any other search engine, that you have something to offer to the people of a certain area. When a search query related to your business comes from within your location, Google uses such information to rank your website among the top results shown on the visitor’s browser.

Create a Local Google Places Page

This is another way Google knows the kind of information to present to website visitors who are searching for anything related to your business. You can create a page for your company in Google my Business, Bing places for business and so forth. Fill in your business categories properly. Also, keep updating your business information so that the searchers will get relevant results.

Being on this kind of list can bring immense value over time.

Optimize your Content for Long-tail Keywords 

If you consider content marketing in your local SEO strategy, give priority to long-tail keywords. For instance, if your business deals with jackets, do not use short phrases such as “jacket store.” Your website may never come close to the top 10 search results with such a general keyword. Instead, try more specific and detailed phrases such as “women winter jackets Denver, CO.” This keyword is also properly targeted or location-specific and has higher chances of attracting qualified leads.

Make your Website Mobile Friendly

A couple of years back, Google updated their search engine in favour of websites that were more mobile-friendly. This came at a time when most people are increasingly using their mobile devices to access the internet. If you want your local business found easily by target customers, make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Do Not Ignore Social Media

The best place to begin marketing your local business is social media. Many people are on social media, including your target customers. Giving them an opportunity to interact with your brand builds confidence. They are also likely to promote your business or content by sharing it with other people in their networks. With a strong social media following, you’ll always have people who continually buy from you or promote your services and products to others.

Invest in Local PPC

There are numerous advertising platforms today that have an option for location-based targeting. When using paid advertising on Facebook, Yelp, or Twitter, a local business can drive more qualified leads by choosing location-based advertising packages. Google AdWords is a market leader in local pay-per-click advertising.  With such advertising packages, you gain the right traffic to your website. This is because such packages target searchers within your area based on their previous browsing behaviour or shopping goals.

Allow for Online Reviews

While people may have challenges believing you when you tell them about your excellent services, it is easy for them to trust an outsider. BrightLocal’s consumer survey from 2016 shows just how important it is to build trust in your brand through positive online reviews.

Reading reviews from other customers can impose confidence in new customers. Search engines like Google do rely on such reviews to rank your business in SERPs too.

If done properly, the above efforts will improve branding, increase customer loyalty and secure higher conversion rates.

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